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Oh my god, Ron. Where have you been for five months?!

Yeah, you're probably wondering what I've been up to and why I've totally neglected this site. (or not) Well, I've currently got other stuff I'm working on and work sucks the rest of my time away.

Bee Police is what has been drawing my attention away from the usual ramblings I put up on this site. It's a webcomic, which is yet another complete waste of my time. It takes about five to ten hours of my time each week to get a page drawn, which is usually all my free time. So, I don't get any real time to work on anything else!

Even though I can't really do anything with it, this site is not going away anytime soon. The SCA Search engine is still active, and though my artwork scripting, etc. are all become out of date, they are still here. They will remain here until I have a major change of plans for this site, which will probably be never.

Anyway, as I was saying, Bee police is my major focus. Its the story I'm writing, the art I'm drawing, and to some degree its also what I'm doing to vent my spleen.

The amount of stuff I post here is going to be fewer and the time between will be further. BUT I will be putting up images to entice you to read Bee Police!

Click on the image to see the whole page!