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Note: What's new has been moved to the index page. You can reach it by clicking on my logo in the upper left corner of any page.

This page is here to explain what my "Home" section is. In short, this is the section where all the fun stuff I do that does not easily fit into the other categories goes.

Home Based stories:

March 3, 2009: State of the Rogan

A whole lot has happened since my last update of this site. Some of it good, lots not so good, but we're soldiering on.

June 4, 2008: Cats gone Walkabout

We used to have an issue with our cats pee-ing in inappropriate locations. We don't seem to have that problem anymore. and No, we did not get rid of them.

June 4, 2008: Google Earth won't Load

The problem appears to be that once Google-Earth updates its pref files, it does not want to run on subsequent loads. Here's a fix.

March 6, 2006: Denny's Debacle

Some of you may think I'm a complete softy about my restaurant reviews. Well, here's the proof that I'm not. Read on, and you will understand the true horror of what it means to starve at a restaurant.

March 1, 2006: VIP Restaurant

Annette and I ate at VIP a few times last year, and never went away unsatisfied. Today's lunch was par for the course.

November 30, 2005: Panorama & QTVR

I've stitched together a panorama of David and Melissa's wedding in the Gazeebo from 4 or 5 photos, and made a Quicktime VR out of it. Go take a look!

November 25, 2005: Kathie and Clayton's photos

Here are photos from Kathie and Clayton's wedding. This set of pages currently contain photos from their wedding rehersal and dinner. Soon, there will be addtional photos from the wedding itself.

November 25, 2005: High School Food

Among the weird foods I ate while in High School, are Kool Aid infused Sprite, and Sugar and Margarine impregnated French Bread Rounds. here are the recipes!

November 24, 2005: More Wedding Photos

its been just over 6 months since Annette and I got married. I have finally got more photos from the wedding online. Hey, its been a busy 6 months! Enjoy the 7 or so pages of photos!

November 9, 2005: Carl's Junior League

Remember when fast food was fast? I could swear it wasn't so long ago that I could go into a Carl's Junior and get my food with little to no fuss.

November 5, 2005: David & Melissa Rehersal Dinner

Photos from David and Melissa's Rehersal Dinner. Much fun was had by all, and I have proof!

November 4, 2005: Damning Photos

If you're looking for serious photos of David and Melissa's wedding, keep looking. What you've found is a set of photos, which when taken completley out of context, tells a rather humorous tale... Leohtulf is gonna club me at the next practice!