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shooting a pole
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It may work well for some games, but when it comes to needing fast and accurate response, it sucks. Seriously.

I play an online fps (first person shooter). When you are going up against live human beings, being able to move, aim and keep on target are critical. There is very little time to make adjustments, and you will die if your equipment is not up to snuff.

I usually play with my ten year old Logitech optical trackball, but I had to wonder if there was a better way to play. SO, I went down to Best Buy and bought the f310 for twenty-five dollars.

It looks like a Sony Playstation controller, with just enough differences to not infringe on patents. It connects to your pc via a USB cable. There is a driver and software to configure the pad's output to work with your game. Everything seemed OKAY (though figuring out the software was a bit of a task) until I tried actually PLAYING with the thing.

The movement controls are jerky, spastic, and sometimes unresponsive. I set up the left analog stick, as well as the d-pad for forward, back, strafe left/right. On the Analog, Left sometimes does NOT respond, right, forward and back work fine. The d-pad seemed to be fine.

The right analog stick was set for turning and up/down angles. This is where things really started to suck. Unlike the sony PS3 controllers I've used before, the Analog sticks on the Logitech were really SPRINGY and tense. I had to put a (relatively) high amount of force into my thumb to get the thing to move, then it moved TOO much.

There was nothing SUBTLE about the ANALOG motion, so I went and adjusted things in the software... Less gross motion, but still, no subtle motion ... more adjustments ... something called a "dead zone" Yeah, dead zone. That adjustment made it so I had to move the stick FURTHER before it responded... not good at all.

The ANALOG controllers really killed this game pad. I do not suggest buying it if you want any fine control. It would be okay if you were playing an arcade style game where mashing the buttons and slamming the sticks were the norm, but not for any game where you needed PRECISION.

I'm sticking with my Logitech Marble-mouse. It's got all the things the f310 doesn't. If only Logitech had a gamepad with a trackball instead of an analog stick.

Oh, here's a Youtube Video of me shooting a poor defenseless pole in Combat Arms.

The goal was to keep the crosshairs on the pole while sidestepping in an arc around it. This tested the sensitivity of both the analog sticks on the f310 vs the tried and true "wasd" keys and trackball.

I shoot up and down the bole when I switch between the f310 and the Marble Mouse. I found that I could stay on target much better with the trackball. It's pretty obvious when I'm using the f310, you'll see the motion is jerky, and I end up strafing past the target regularly.