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If you're looking for serious photos of David and Melissa's wedding, keep looking. What you've found is a set of photos, which when taken completley out of context, tells a rather humorous tale... Any similarity between the tale told herein and actual reality is purely coincidental. In fact, I've gone through some great lengths to avoid reality.

Click on any photo to enlarge the damning evidence!

Photo 1

Evidently, Joyce has the ability to glow brightly. Greg is rapt, but Chris, David, and Cecilly have seen this trick MANY times before.

Photo 2

According to Sandy, John has been affected by Joyce's radiating glow. Tim understands the enormity of this problem. Kim is truely saddened. I, of course, am plotting to use this information in some nefarious way... If only I had a picture!

Photo 3

John is vehement. Joyce's glow has NOT affected him. In fact, he can prove it! Kim, is baiting him. Can't you see it in her smile?

Photo 4

John proves it. Tim is amazed, Kim is in shock! Of course John is not shown in the picture, this site IS rated PG! Oh, well, there go my plans for putting this knowledge to devious uses.