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Administration Drive, Santa Rosa
December 11, 2005

King Buffet is an all you can eat Asian and American food buffet.

Their prices vary based on age, lunch vs. dinner, and weekend rates. Maximum charge is $11 bucks a head.

I've eaten at King Buffet many times, and never went away hungry or dissatisfied with the food. Their selection ranges from sushi, baby octopus and baked oysters to fried chicken, mashed potatos, and beef roast.

I can't tell you all the items on the menu. I can't even tell you all the items I ate today, but I can tell you that they had a lot of sushi for an all-you-can-eat restaurant. I counted four kinds of nigiri, and four kinds of roll sushi. They were fresh, the rice was not mushy or pebbly, and none of them had any wasabi on them before dipping.

Also of note, they have six flavors of ice cream, and a salad bar that includes pickled raddish and kelp.

I could go on and on about this place. Suffice to say that you would have to be a really picky eater to leave unsatisfied.