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Fall Investure 2004

I like many things-medieval, and I express them through my participation in a group called The Society for Creative Anachronism.

The SCA is not a historical re-enactment group, or a troop of entertainers. It is a Society (a group of people living together with traditions and culture) for Creative (non boring, do it yourself, adventuresome, love to look things up and think) Anachronism (things or people who are from another time and place that do not belong in the here and now). The SCA is a world wide group of people who's common goal is to learn more about the middle ages, and have fun doing it.

I have many interests in the Medieval era. They came about because I also have interests in such things as foreign cultures, role playing, and of course love to read Science Fiction, and Fantasy novels.

Since I first wrote this page, my involvement with the SCA has grown. I've become a Squire to a Knight of quality, Assisted and run a few SCA Events, taken on the office of Marshal of the shire of Wolfscairn, and had the great joy of learning many a medieval thing beyond having been Chronicler to the Barony of Tarnmist, and fighting in armor.

I've learned how to dish and raise metal plates, knit chain, sew leather into period shoes, make socks by nalbinding, and make wire braids in copper.

There are of course, many other things in the SCA that interest me, such as minting coins, armoring, brewing beers and liquors, cooking, and getting to meet other people who share these interests and more.

If you have any interest in the SCA, and would like to know how to contact your local branch, You can look it up in my SCA Search.

If you're local to us in Sonoma County, you can look us up at Finley Park in Santa Rosa. The Wolfscairn site has full details.