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The Hastings lock is in effect. Please see the note at the bottom of this page


The SCA Search Engine is a searchable database of contact persons for the Society for Creative Anachronisms. This engine exists to help people find a local group of SCAdians and get involved.

How it works:

No special characters are required. Do not use quotes, pipes, plus or minus signs. This search is not case sensitive. San Luis Obispo works just as well as sAn lUiS oBiSpO, or SAN LUIS OBISPO. To find out where a branch is located, just enter that branch's name and all matching entries will be returned. To find out if there is a branch in your area, type in any mundane location, and the database will find your entry.

ex: typing in san Luis OBISPO returns USA California SAN LUIS OBISPO West Barony of Tarnmist Ron Neal -N/a-

For speed's sake, I use the over-all regions that shires/baronies etc. cover. for example, the Barony of Nordwach will be listed with Fresno, Madera, Tulare and Kings counties.

If your particular city does not show up, use your county instead, or use the name of a city near you.

To find random info, type in any search strings, separated by spaces. A list of matching results will return.

This engine will return results in this order:

Exact matches to all strings entered, Entries that have the most matching results, and finally, Entries that have fewer matching results.

What's Here

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Please refer to the Note at the bottom of this page

All information in this database has been freely given to me by the listed persons. If you find that someone has listed you on this engine without your consent, please contact me via email, with a request to either remove you from the list or a notice of consent by your email.

If you have corrections, or additional data, please send me an email.

This engine works for the current 17 Kingoms of the SCA: An Tir, Ansteorra, Artemisia, Atenveldt, Atlantia, AEthelmearc, Caid, Calontir, Drachenwald, Ealdormere, East, Lochac, Middle, Meridies, Outlands, Trimaris, and of course, the West.

About a year ago, [about 1994?] I put up a page about the SCA, and attached it to a couple small (at the time) search engines, called Infoseek, and Yahoo.

Well, all that was great, except being that I'm a friendly kinda guy, I said "I'll help you find your local SCA if you want to get involved." Needless to say, I got deluged, and could not get my work done at school, and the Page had to be modified. BOY, did I feel like a heel, turning away all those people who wanted to know about the SCA.

Why this engine is here

Well, now here's my amends. This is a searchable database of branches and contacts for the SCA. It will hopefully be useful to anybody looking for the SCA group near them. It's got a really simple interface, and should do the job.

I know there are 2 other SCA Search Engines out there. I have looked at both, and they each do things slightly differently. Mine also works slightly differently.

I have been told that I may be duplicating these other people's efforts. I thought of this also, when I first started this project. Then, I asked myself, where would Google be today, if the company's founders listened to the people who said they were duplicating the efforts at Yahoo? Since we have innumerable search engines on the greater web today, there must be room for 3 that deal with a world wide organization called the SCA.

A note on Hastings

In order to limit the access to this database to live humans, I require you to enter the 4 digit year of the battle of Hastings along with your search terms.

Hint: For those who are new, the battle of Hastings occured in the sixty sixth year of the eleventh century. That means the number starts with ten.