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Understanding Web Comics

I grew up reading comics. I know good artwork and story lines because I've seen both good and bad. In the print world, it's difficult getting a comic printed without both good artwork and stories. Bad comics DO get printed, but they're the exception, rather than the rule.

The stuff you buy at a comic book store is pretty polished, and it's gone through some major filters to get to the shelf. Unfortunately, a lot of good stuff gets rejected because the filtering process is driven by what publishers think will make money at any given time.

Understanding Web Comics continues.


Herein lies the road to madness, or at least, fewer hours of sleep for me, the writer/artist.

I've begun to amass a small pile of comic strips as I spend what scant scraps of time I have doodling the odd thoughts that skip like rocks across the surface of my mind. So far, I've been shoving them into the overly generic "home" category of this site.

Now, however, I've gone and officially added "Comics" as a category, which means that in a few months, I will have yet another section of the website that can languish unattended. Until that day comes, I'll be putting up comics, ranging from random thoughts to something I'm working on that could loosely be interpreted as a story.

THose of you who are wondering exactly what a web-comic is, can read my related article, Understanding Web Comics