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This project involved an extensive amount of work in Quark. The majority of the project was laying out all the information for the festival onto both sides of one page that would be folded down into an envelope sized mailer. This included a schedule of events, list of bands and members, membership form info, and ticket purchase information.

Displayed here are the logo, front/back page, and inside page.

The Logo is meant to reflect a fusion of Musical and Beach.

The beach portion of the theme starts with the sandy background, continues with the rough drop shadows, and the jumbled nature of the main elements. The letters are a water element, the notes resemble bits of sea-weed.

The Musical theme shows through, and adds struture to the page, by the use of the three lines. They're meant to relfect the lines on a sheet of music. Of course, the notes are notes, they're organic and vibrant to reflect the nature of Jazz.