Torvald's Knees


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Torvald's Knees
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Fall Investure 2004

I was at a Bart practice a couple of weeks ago, when I spied a fighter from Cynagua exhibiting some odd behavior. Every time he got legged, he would get a fairly thick patch of carpet, lay it on the asphalt, and gently kneel down to continue fighting.

Not ever having seen this kind of behavior, I asked the lady standing next to me (I believe it was Sarah) what exactly was up with this fighter.

She looked at him, looked back at me, and said "He's got Torvald knees." She then went back to looking at him.

Well, I know Torvald quite well, and I'm sure you've all heard Torvald stories involving the number of times he gets damaged fighting or how he's got horrible arthritus in his joints, etc. I know about some of his maladies first hand, having been to multiple events where he's come hobbling up saying something like " ... can't fight today, my tendinitus is acting up."

I looked back at this very large fighter who was easing himself down again to fight from his knees, and I said to Sarah, "Now that's fighting spirit. He must be in lots of pain, and yet he soldiers on."

To which, Sarah looked back, and noting my serious look, said "He's got a pair of Torvald's Leather knees ... He doesn't want to scrape them up on the asphalt, silly!"

In my own defense, I must say that the fighter was wincing a lot, being that he'd been hit in the leg so many times!