What have I done for you lately

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What have I done for you lately
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OK, lets flip that old phrase on its end and say that turnabout IS fair play.

What you've done for me lately, is come here and bang your head against the anvil of fact that I haven't been putting up anything new... Yes, you may be an IMAGINARY you, fading into obscurity and leaving only telltale traces on the ledger board of visits and pageviews, but be kind and humor the ramblings of a madman.

What I have done for (the collective) you lately, is toil at the craft of writing and drawing a webcomic. Which, though made from the roughest iron, will with mighty blows and burning coals be turned to lustrous steel. Again, the ravings of a madman, you say.

But its true that insanity is the font from which we draw the draught of creativity to quench the burnings of our rational minds. and whithout a little crazy in our lives we would simply grind ourselves into meal for consumption by pigs.

As such, I have toiled like Sisyphus and lain rent by harpies next to Prometheus for my labors. Lest I turn maudlin, let me let you go again into that bright playground of the internet with a pointer to the srawling and drawings of your humble host, that you may find some amusement and diversion from our daily hells.

I end with my favorite psuedo Latin motto "Illegitimi non carborundum!" and Read Bee Police!