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Stonehenge Hijinks
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If you know me well, you may have noticed that I have an affinity for the weird and paranormal. I'll try to keep the references to my geeky interests to a minimum here, but forgive me if I go astray.

I believe it was Thursday night that the Discovery channel was running one of their paranormal marathons. Since I was sick (I have a cold on top of any of my usual mental abnormalities), I had nothing better to do than sit there and watch the special about aliens. They touched on the usual topics, like the pyramids, Nazca lines, etc.

In the middle of all this, they covered the idea of lay lines and spotlighted Stonehenge. What threw me for a loop, was the obvious transition from weathered stone to perfectly smooth stone evidenced in a frame of the video. Since I was watching on my Dish DVR, I paused the frame, stared, stepped back and forth, completely forgetting about the subject of lay lines.

The stone was such a sore thumb, that I had to wonder if everybody was completely oblivous, or if I had missed some meeting of the Illuminati that blinded us all to what looked like a spray-foam stone with a big hole in it.

I thought, maybe they taped this at some "authentic recreation" of Stonehenge, so I did some googling. Lo and behold, that hole actually IS in the real structure. I MUST have missed the meeting. I was sure they were coming for me.

After hours of searching with absolutely NO reference to the odd structure in the stones, but plenty of pictures showing the same hole, I determined that I'd gone mad (yea, what else is new) and asked my wife about it. I pulled her in from the kitchen, where she was making hot wings, and pointed out what looked absoluetly obvious to me.

"That's weird. What is that?" Is all she had to say about it. Undaunted, I kept searching until my weakend state forced me to eat some chicken wings and go to bed.

Today, I got home and resumed my search. I tried going to, and found that the site looked awfully strange. Try going to Doesn't this look like some buy this domain redirect site that camps on unused domains? That's because it IS. OK, so I tried and Freaky, huh? Well, I finally found it listed under Umm, actually that's with onl 1 k in wiki. With a url like THAT, you have to agree that they're trying to hide it from me. Even now, as I type, the powers that be have created another url that they'll claim was there all along:

Here's what they were hiding. Burried in the comments section of their page on Stonghenge (did you know there is a comments section on subjects?-- I didn't) I found two links of interest. Both talk about how Stonehenge was rebuilt in the 20'th century. One is far more complimentary than the other.

So, I have a cover story for when the Illuminati come to scramble my brains for seeing the alien inner structure of the standing stones (Whatever you do, don't tell them): The odd understructure is a cement filler created to stabalize the corner of the stone. There is no top secret alien/military installation under the stones, and all that stuff about lay lines is just hokum.