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Can't sleep, must Conquer

I resisted for over a year after I heard about Warcraft III. Eventually, I loaded the game on my laptop in order to keep Marcus (Mitch and Bailey's kid) occupied during our friday night game sessions. Of course, that meant I had to test the install... That was enough to get me hooked.

Well, at least I haven't had any dreams about Warcraft. When I was in Highschool, I used to dream about playing Dungeons and Dragaons. Actually, it was more like I dreamed I was in a basement, or trapped in a culvert, reaching through a tiny window or gutter drain, for dice that were out on the street, just out of reach. They were of course, bright, shiny, and colorful, and would roll the perfect numbers I needed to get out of my subterrainian trap.

Anyhow, no dreams about hearding the undead, minining gold out of a knob in the ground, or producing outdoor war factories yet. Maybe its because I'm not getting much sleep lately. I can't get anything done unless the game happens to be frustrating me enough to make me break away from it. OK, it's not as bad as when I was in college, spending my tuition on games like Marathon, but I swear there are nights where I sit down to play a little, and look up to find that its after midnight.

I'm ssure I'll be able to spend some more time working on this site, and perhaps even get some sleep after I finish the game, or get burned out. Unless of course I get into playing online. I think I lost a year of productivity playing Halo online.