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Art is the expression of an artist. If I like or dislike the works of other people, it is because I agree or disagree with what they are saying. There is artwork that I cannot understand, and that artwork frustrates me because I will not be able to understand it until I know something more. What frustrates me the most though, is when I find out that some peice of artwork that has been bothering me is just a pretty picture, without rhyme or reason behind it. Because of this, I'll be doing my best to have information about each of my peices.

Much of My own work starts out with my sitting in front of my computer, wanting to draw, without much thought. As I work, my subconscious begins working its way through my hands, putting an Idea onto my palette. Even though I set out to start some scribbles, I have some need to communicate something. That becomes clearer as I work, and at some point I am consciously working to express myself.

Design is a process by which multiple media, such as words/sounds, images, textures, and maybe even smell are combined to create an end product that conveys a message of some sort.

My design ranges from symbology and corporate identity to poster and packaging design. I have used a wide variety of design appications, including Aldus (now Macromedia) Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady, and QuarkXpress. For multi-media design, I have used Adobe Premier, Elastic Reality, and Macromedia Director.

I currently use iPhoto and iMovie to put together full length DVD's of various SCA Events I've attended. I'm also looking to find some Copyright free audio tracks to use with Garage Band to create background music for my DVD's. Though I'm no Major Movie producer, I try to use my design background to make my home movies much more palatable.

I work both by hand and on the computer. I don't think that the computer will replace the tools people have been using for centuries. Instead, I believe that there will be a greater amount of integration that makes the advent of the Wacom Tablet look like the switch from the manual to electric typewriter.

As time goes by, it will become more difficult to distinguish which pieces of mine are analog or digital. For now, that distinction is clear enough that my art pieces have been divided into analog and digital sections.

I have also included a "Sources" page that has some of the art that has influenced me. I have of course been influenced by all the usual artists, but I find that it is just as important to be influenced by newer media.