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Across the Expressway from Target in Rohnert Park
December 10, 2005

Los Caballos is a walk in, pay up front, get your drinks and chips restaurant.

Annette had the Chile Reyeño and taco combo. I had two "Super Tacos". Both meals tasted great.

I think the tortilla portion of the tacos could have been a little bigger to fit the moniker "Super". They made up for it with the toppings, which included sour cream and avocados. Other than the size, my tortillas were excellent, a little toasty from being fried on the grill, but plenty flexible in the hand.

Annette DID say that her taco was wet, being that it was served on the same plate as the chopped lettuce salad and rice and beans. Her Chile Reyeño was quite large, and thinly breaded at that. She seemed to enjoy the flavor. Other than a wet taco, her only criticism was that the Chile was not pitted.

My meal was 6 bucks, hers was 8. Both were before drinks and tax. Drinks were about a buck fifty -no free refills. Annette was completely stuffed, I was just below full. Overall, a fair value for 20 bucks with tip.

As with all Mexican restaurants, I have to tell you abou the tortilla chips and the salsa.

Their chips were pretty good. They weren't stale, and they weren't over fried. They picked up both the red and green sauce without breaking.

Salsa bar was unfortunately lacking. As noted above they had red and green sauce. Both the sauces were good, for what they were, but there was no Pico de gallo. On a positive note, the red sauce did not taste like burnt chipotle. Thanks for not following what I consider a bad trend.