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On May 31st 2008, Harriet Christian was thrown out of the Democratic Rules Committee meeting.

There are so many layers to what Harriet Christian is saying in this video, that anybody with a hot button will go into complete mental lockdown before they can truly absorb her whole statement. I figured it would be a good thing to go over the points one at a time. You can choose to ignore the points you don't agree with, or you can choose to take a real rational look at what she's saying.

The following is a list of Harriet Christian's statements

1 She's proud to be an older American woman.

2 She's from New York City.

3 Hillary is the best possible Nominee.

4 The Democrats are throwing the Election away.

5 Barrak Obama is an inadequate Black Male.

6 He (Obama) would not have been running if Hillary was not running.

7 She is not going to shut her mouth anymore.

8 She can be called white, but you [Obama?] can't be called black.

9 That's not her America. It's equality for all of us. It's about time we stood up for it.

10 She's no second class citizen and God damn the Democrats.

11 She went there for the vote of every American.

12 The Democratic Party threw them down the tube.

13 She was a second class citizen before, now she's nothing because they [the DNC] want to do what THEY want to do.

14 They [the DNC] don't think Democrat voters will turn against them and vote for McCain. McCain will be the next President.