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Airway Dr. Santa Rosa
January 21, 2006

This restaurant has such tasty food, I eat there regularly, but I cannot really recommend them. Curious, eh? Well, this pay up front restaurant definitely emphasizes paying.

I've had the soft tacos (they're listed as tacos last I recall). They taste great. I also ordered the taco plate, assuming the tacos would be the same. Strangely enough, these were crunchy tacos. Lucky for me they also tasted great. I've also had the chile verde, and it was just as tasty. So, no matter what I order there the food is great. What I find lacking is their generosity.

There is also a sign telling customers they have to spend at least five dollars to get chips and salsa. The first time I ate at El Azteca, they had pico de gallo. Ever since then, they've had a sign sitting in the empty tray saying pico de gallo is not available.I also recall them having a green sauce the first couple of times I ate there.

Drinks are just as expensive here as anywhere else, with no free refills.Though free refills are not available in most Mexican restaurants I've eaten at, they ARE available at some of them. Unfortunately, not here.

So, the food is good, the chips are OK, and the salsa (that's available) is OK and there's no free refills. The only reason I eat at this place is that the food IS good, and I'm in the neighborhood so often. I think I need to look for another place in the area.