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It is my opinion that in our rush to embrace standards compliance, many of us are throwing out a perfectly good set of tags. Tables have their use, we should use them accordingly, and not abuse them by making entire pages that are tables.

HTML (now XHTML) is the base for all content on the web. It seems to have been around forever (1992?) and has grown more complex for every browser that decides to implement non standard tags. Luckily, all the major browser providers have come to the realization that they need to (mostly) stick to the HTML specifications.

Many coders like myself have had to learn every odd nuance of non-standard code and have had to create work-arounds for browsers that just don't display according to the W3C standards. So much so that now (in an era when Standards Compliance is not just a Holy Grail, but an acheivable goal) many of us are fully entrenched in old school ways of making browsers do back-flips.

This section of my site is presented to you in an effort to show you how to create good HTML code, and to talk about the thinking behind the use of various bits of html. For instance, one of my current hot buttons is the Tables vs. CSS Div debate.