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I read a bunch of short stories by a guy named William Gibson. He wrote about our world in the future, and inspired me to imagine a virtual world created by bits of electronic communication.

a glimpse of the void

Case was the hottest computer cowboy cruising the information superhighway--jacking his consciousness into cyberspace, soaring through tactile lattices of data and logic, rustling encoded secrets for anyone with the money to buy his skills.
--William Gibson, Neuromancer

Imagine floating weightless in a void that reminds you of space. You know your body is firmly grounded back in the real world, but here you are, slowly drifting amidst the random bits of pretty glowing cyber dutritis.

You need some sense of organization to this clutter, so you will your reality to reform into warps and wefts of electrons. Each represents some bit of data in your private pocket of cyberspace.

Suddenly a giant fills the void, bule and red streaks of light and shadow dwarf you.

As you lurch back, shocked by this thing that refuses to conform to the order you have created, it too jerks backward. Then, as you slide to the right, it matches you excatly. As you raise an ethereal hand, it does too.

Slightly shaken, you begin to relax. This is just some bizzare cyber-reflection of you. There must be a glitch somewhere that needs fixing.

That's when the giant blue and red virus grabs you, causing searing pain in all your nerves. You still have nerves. They're part of that body of yours, sitting supposedly safely in your console at home. They're what's hurting, though your extremities are starting to go numb, as if they weren't there anymore.

As you writhe helplessly in its grip, the virus slowly takes over, until with a last gasp you marshal all your will to hopefully jack out. The virus tears at you and suddenly, everything goes black, then there is a fluttering of light as your top of the line Osuma cyber eyes come back online. There before you is your room, and your console gear.

Relief washes over your tortured body, but suddenly, just for a brief instant, you swear you see a red and blue face in the corner of your vision.