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Achmere and Leohtulf
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Two of my many friends in the SCA are Achmere and Leohtulf. This is a photo of them fighting at an October Crown Tournament, which was held in Colusa, California. Achmere lives about five hours away from me, and John now lives in the Bay Area, about two hours away.

I shot two rolls of 24 exposure film at October Crown, in the period of 2 hours. I wish I had brought at least four more rolls that day.

The image you are seeing was scanned from one of my negatives. It is a lot easier to scan the negative than to scan the 11X14 print I made from it.

As an update, Achmere, Leoghtulf, and I are now all squires to Viscount Sir Leon Von Shrekken. Leohtulf was squired soon after this Crown Tourney, I followed in June of 1996, and Achmere was just squired as of March of 2004.

Oh, the updates keep coming! Leohtulf got knighted at Purgatorio August 29, 2005 after a really cold vigil that went from friday night to saturday morning. I stayed up as guard until about 4 am. Victoria (gung-ho crazy junior squire) stayed up all night long.