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Barbarian Leader
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This figure was painted using many of my standard techniques.

It started with a grey spray primer applied as thinly as I could.

Next, I used a wash to get dark brown or possibly black into the crevices.

For the armor, I use a dry brush technique to get just enough metalic silver onto the chain armor on the figure without clogging the crevices.

I then used medium-dark brown washes on the leggings/boots, gloves, cloak trim, and beard. Followed by lighter brown paint applied thinly.

The pants and inside of the cloak were done by first applying a light wash, then adding a darker wash.

The face was done with some skin tone (elf most likely) applied thinly. The eyes were brushed in with white, then dotted with a micro thin color pen.

THe outside of the cloak was done with a flat coat of white, followed by light grey in the two large folds, with a light wash of white to blend the grey into the white.

The sword was done completel in dry brush. To make the edges of the blade crisper, I carefully wiped off the paint with a q-tip.

The plume was painted in black, then washed in red, and finally dry brushed in red on the high points.