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Javascript is a mystery to many people. Even its name is a mystery. Javascript has nothing to do with Java, aside from a common addiction amongst code writers. Javascript got it's name when some marketing genius decided that Java was popular so Javascript could gain popularity just by having Java in its name.

This section of my site is here to share some of my experiences in Javascripting; to show you some of the scripts I've created, and explain some of the thinkging behind them. Many of the scripts in this section are in use on my site.

Location, Location, Location!

You may notice that many of my javascripts exist in the body of my html pages. Though I prefer to put them into the head, I find it easier in many cases to put them in the body. Javascript can occur in any portion of a web page. In fact, some web pages are javascripts that output html.

When I have scripts in the body of a page, it is because my pages are created out of multiple includes that are combined by PHP and it's easier to have scripts that are specific to a particular page-type in the body of the template that creates the page, instead of having to have php figure out what scripts go into the head of a given page depending on what content the page has. If I did so, I would have to rewrite a javascript include PHP script each time I created a new javascript.

I would of course, never consider having all my scripts show up in the head of all my pages. That would cause some bloating in my page size, and slow the site down as browsers dug through all the scripts in the head. Not to mention the amount of memory that would have to be set aside for the scripts, whether or not they were actually called on a page.