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Considering that I haven't read the series in years, I would not be the best source for a measure of the movie's fidelity to the original story. BUT, I can say that the movie was definitely entertaining, and seemed to follow my recollection of the book rather well.

The special effects were excellent. There were only a couple of scenes that looked a little fake. Specifically, they were the pull back scene of Aslan's Camp, and one scene where Aslan steps in front of one of the girls.

First, let me say that the knocks against this film are tiny compared to the overall quality of the movie.

The camp scene looks odd it that all the pavilions are the same color, and the same make. Their positioning on the hillside also seems odd. Most people would not notice this, since they've not actually seen what two hundred to five hundred people camping in pavilions looks like.

Aslan looks to have been filmed on a blue-screen in one scene when he steps in front of one of the girls. It was a very short moment that was the exception to a very well put together special effects package.

Another odd bit that bothered me (only slightly) was the chrome sword and shield given to Peter. Yes, they were fantastic gifts which go beyond the simple sword and shield, but that could have been better displayed through detail and quality of craftsmanship than through the blatant "shiny bling bling" of chrome. Not to mention, the chrome made the matte finished armor look like plastic in comparison.

The final technical demerit I give this film is the fighting. Of course it is a fantasy, and that gives some leeway to the idea that two young boys could learn to fight with swords in perhaps weeks or even a month. That being said, they really should have choreographed the fights better.

Slaying the alpha wolf looked appropriately like a young boy getting very lucky. Fighting the Winter Queen at the end of the movie required much better technique with sword and shield that was apparent on Peter's part. He flailed about badly, and actually somehow blocked shots that were thrown far behind his body. Yes, he stood regularly in front of his shield, and should have been gutted multiple times. Of course, the Queen was not showing anything resembling good two sword technique either.

On a far brighter note, The acting was absolutely spot on. Each of the four children behaved very much like they were siblings. Edmond's character was developed quite properly, and his actions throughout the movie, as annoying as they were, were appropriately motivated. He was not some shining happy child that suddenly did bad things.

As with many other book adaptions in the last few years, Hollywood has done a very good job of letting the story play out rather than trimming to fit withing the hour and a half that some bean counter determined was the attention span of movie goers. I believe Narnia runs about two and a half hours.

I must say that the film was worth seeing, and I'm looking forward to the next one.