Gorget and Pauldrons

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This project was done in my Advanced Drawing class. It is a powdered graphite drawing that was rendered with both wet and dry paintbrushes.

The amber color is a result of using warm lighting when I shot the photograph. I liked the effect so I kept it rather than desaturating the colors.

The subject is a part of my armor. It is a set of Pauldrons (shoulder protectors) and a Gorget (neck/collar protector). The gorget and pauldrons are made of plastic, and covered with leather.

The paramaters of this project were to use powdered graphite to portray someone. Because I tend to be a quite reclusive sort of person, people don't know much about me. In this drawing, I show them an item that is a part of my life (which they would never have seen otherwise) but present it in a mysterious way that says something more about my character by making them guess what exactly the item is.