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Let me start by stating that the museum sites these links go to are excellent resources, and you should avail yourself of them.

Foremost on my list of inspirations, is THeodore Gericault, who's painting, "The Raft of the Medusa" inspired my "Rock's of Despair" homage.

Art Nouveau

I have long been interested in the detail work involved in making an Art Nouveau piece. I have yet create a piece of artwork I would call Art Nouveau, but when I do, I'll be referring a LOT to's collection.

Nouveau Artists of renoun

Alphonse Mucha pretty much defines Art Nouveau. Other great artists of the Art Nouveau style include:

[Art Nouveau is] an international, late 19th- and early 20th-century decorative style characterized by organic foliate forms, sinuous lines, and non-geometric, "whiplash" curves. Art Nouveau originated in Europe in the 1880s, and reached the peak of its popularity around 1900. --

Gustav Klimt

Aubrey Beardsley

German Expressionism

Edward Munch

Well, I DID say I do not like linking to .edu pages, and this is why: While editing this page to add more Art Nouveau links, I found that yes, indeed the .edu curse has struck again. As students leave their college nests, their web pages get dropped like little internet bird poops. So much for the CalArts link above.